3 Tips to Improve Communication in Your Childcare Center

Seamless, effective, and transparent communication. Does this sound like the Holy Grail of communication in your childcare center?

3 Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining the Best Childcare Staff

High teacher and staff turnover rates are affecting every level of education, including early childcare centers. A report by the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies showed that the national turnover rate for early...

3 Ways to Partner with the Parents at your Childcare Center

Studies show that family engagement is crucial for early childcare programs to really have an effect in a child’s development. To get parents on your team, you need to build a relationship based on trust, shared information, and communication....

Getting to Know Your Childcare Center Prospects

Selecting a childcare center can be a stressful experience for parents. They want an early school experience that will set their child up for success throughout their education. Also, for many parents, this is the first time that they are leaving...

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How to Increase Enrollment

Parents will love being able to know, in real time, what their child is doing at the center. This allows you to rest easy knowing the parent and child are both happy.


Cutting Through the Clutter

Learn how smart management software saves childcare center director’s time, energy and money, all while providing the best care to children.