How to Keep Daycare Field Trips Safe, Organized, and Fun!

Any mention of a field trip often elicits sounds of excitement and joy from children—for the adults involved, however, trips away from a childcare center can be causes of stress and worry. Staff may be concerned about how to keep everything...

Are You Protecting Data in your Childcare Center? 5 Tips for Better Data Security

Many people associate “data security” with a bank or large retailer, but as we noted in a previous post, 43% of cyberattacks in recent years have been aimed at small businesses. Many childcare centers have extensive information about children and...

3 Signs Your Early Learning Technology Needs a Facelift

As detailed in our previous post, educational technology can positively impact early learning. Technology can be a learning tool as well as a way to strengthen relationships with families and ease the administrative burden on childcare center...

3 Ways to Attract New Families to Your Childcare Business

Boosting childcare enrollment is a constant task for any childcare director. The best way to ensure a constant revenue stream is to keep your classrooms (and your waiting lists) full. Here are three ways to help your childcare business connect...

3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Childcare Management Software

We previously offered tips for how a childcare center can make a smooth transition from one software to another. By choosing the right time of year to switch, making sure to back up data, and providing comprehensive staff training, you’ll be good...

3 Trends to Expect in Early Learning

Childcare has undergone a change, evolving more each year into an important early learning space. Research continues to show that high-quality early childhood education programs can set children up for future success in life—even producing...

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