3 Ways to Connect Learning at Daycare to Learning at Home

As we’ve discussed recently, most childcare centers now embrace the importance of early learning and aim to be spaces of high-quality early childhood education. Research continues to prove the importance of a child’s earliest years; in fact, “...

5 Warning Signs that Your Childcare Center is in Financial Trouble

We previously offered a quick list of budgeting basics for childcare centers. How can you tell, however, if things are already getting rocky? Here are 5 warning signs that your childcare center is in financial trouble (and some tips for what to...

Community Events: Reasons and Ways to Get Involved

For the busy childcare center director, getting involved in community events may seem unnecessary or too burdensome; there are some great reasons, however, to consider reaching out to the larger community. The benefits can extend from current...

Lazy Days of Summer? Not in Childcare! 4 Ways to Slow Down This Summer

Most parents with kids in childcare don’t get summer break and, as you know, neither do childcare directors! Though your workload won’t slow down simply because summer is the season of living easy, now is a great time to look for new efficiencies...

3 Best Practices for Using Technology in Early Education

Technology in early education can mean many things, and it can be confusing to try to sort out what is best for the littlest learners! Technology in early learning could be anything from software apps on touch tablets and computers, to streaming...

3 Ways to Make Childcare Incidents and Accidents Positive Learning Experiences

Incidents and accidents—they happen. Children fall, make mistakes, then get up and do it all over again. As adults we could learn a thing or two from the resiliency of children, and learn from those incidents and accidents, too! Here are three...

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