4 Tips for Better Childcare Center Management

Here are four tips for better childcare center management. Smartcare’s software solution can help you with a variety of management situations you face each day.

3 Ways to Grow Love for Your Childcare Center this Valentine’s Day

Growing relationships with parents and families will ultimately boost your childcare center’s enrollment. This Valentine’s Day, summon Cupid using these three tactics to build your name brand, increase communication, and share your knowledge.

5 Fun Winter Activities for Your Childcare Center

When the weather outside is cold, why not break from your daily routine inside by incorporating some winter-themed activities? Here are five crafts and lessons that make the chilly months both educational and fun.

5 Tips to Provide Parents for Teaching at Home

With parents wanting to be as involved as they can in their child’s early learning, there are many ways childcare centers can forge stronger connections with parents. Engaging with their childcare center is not the only way parents can stay...

How to Set SMART Goals for 2019

Between running your childcare center and wrapping up the holiday season, turning your business dreams for 2019 into realities can seem seriously daunting. As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Breaking goals down into...

4 Festive Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Your Childcare Center

Holidays fill kids with excitement and giddiness. Getting into the holiday spirit in the classroom creates cherished memories for your teachers, children, and even parents. The variety of holidays your students and their families celebrate can...

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How to Increase Enrollment

Parents will love being able to know, in real time, what their child is doing at the center. This allows you to rest easy knowing the parent and child are both happy.


Cutting Through the Clutter

Learn how smart management software saves childcare center director’s time, energy and money, all while providing the best care to children.