Concerned about your childcare center’s enrollment numbers? Or simply looking to shake things up and try something new? Here are five quick ways to boost childcare center enrollment:

 1. Make use of your best asset—current families!
As we mentioned in a previous post, when looking to get some new families to sign up at your childcare center, don’t overlook your best asset in getting the word out—current center parents. As you’ve worked hard to build strong relationships and establish trust with the families at your center, you probably have some big believers in the high-quality care you provide to their children. A few easy ways to get their help include: 

  • Ask current families to spread the word in person and on their social networking pages that your childcare center has openings.
  • Provide parents with flyers they can give to their neighbors or post in the community with brief information about your center and how to get in touch.
  • Consider offering a referral program, with a discount or perk for families that are mentioned by prospective parents.

 2. Maintain an active social media presence.
Keep social media sites for your childcare center up-to-date and filled with positive photos, stories, and news. Get permission from parents to post these for public viewing. Showcase your center as a busy and happy place, full of high-quality early learning and exceptional care! 

Let's get marketing! 

3. Invite the community and prospective families to center events.
Beyond the usual open houses, welcome prospective parents and their children to join in events at your childcare center. Offer hands-on activities like face painting, kid yoga, art projects, and food. Advertise the event as open to the public, and make sure to have information available on that day about the benefits of enrolling children at your center.

4. Follow up right away on any leads.
Following up right away may seem simple, but reaching out quickly and personally to any leads will make a huge impact. You can show prospective parents your center will be active in engaging families and keeping them informed with their child’s progress if they do enroll. Excellent communication from the get-go can distinguish your childcare center from others.

5. Make your childcare management software a selling feature!
Don’t forget to include the use of a childcare management software like Smartcare as a selling feature when discussing your center with prospective parents. Show them an example of how easy tuition payments will be, the real-time updates they can expect about their child’s activities and location at the center, and the seamless communication features available to them.

With some quick steps and an effort to promote the great things already going on at your childcare center, you can easily see a boost in enrollment!

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