The use of technology in early education classrooms both enhances a child’s understanding of the world around them, and also provides educators paperless, streamlined processes that make their school day more efficient. Technology can hone in on hard skills without sacrificing the development of important soft skills that students need to succeed. Here are four ways technology is improving the school experience.

1. Technology promotes the four C’s.
Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity make up the four C’s that today’s educators incorporate into their lesson plans. Technology can enhance soft skill students need to develop a well-rounded education. Videos can give students the opportunity to reflect on what they’ve seen and help them recognize different perspectives. Apps empower young students to connect with their peers and solve problems in a fun way. Collaborative tools inspire students to work together toward a goal.

2. Technology instills a growth mindset in students. 
Educators can’t pause, rewind, and replay lessons and concepts. In some ways, technology can. Learning apps and games allow students to attempt, fail, and try again in a safe environment. Online programs often share the message that not getting the correct answer is OK, and offer suggestions on how to improve results the next time. Students develop grit and perseverance by journeying through the learning process and being encouraged to try again after they fail. Often, apps and games can monitor student progress, which provides data that educators can use to tailor lessons for each individual student.

3. Technology streamlines processes for educators.
For today’s time-starved teachers, crucial tasks like lesson-planning and assessments can be created and managed electronically. This not only reduces the cost of creating materials, but also the administrative burden of maintaining materials. Using parent-communication tools, teachers can send parents updates as well as lesson plans and assessment results.

4. Technology keep parents in the know. 
Parent-communication tools are increasing parental involvement in their child’s early education experience. Educators use tech tools to send social media-like updates to parents throughout the school day. Daily sheets are being replaced by platforms that match parents’ news feed updates. Documenting and sharing class experiences using software like Smartcare builds healthy relationships between educators and guardians.

Today’s educators and parents expect technology to be part of the way they communicate, and leading early education providers are adapting. Whether it be sharpening students’ minds or making the lives of parents and educators easier, technology will continue to make waves in the early education experience.

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