Here are four tips for better childcare center management. Smartcare’s software solution can help you with a variety of management situations you face each day.

1.) Improve Parent Communication

Warning Sign: Parents may feel in the dark about the activities their children participate in during the school day.

Make the Change: Utilize software that helps track daily activities.  If parents know the status of their child’s napping, eating, and toileting schedules, it will make post-school day bonding more manageable. Read our previous blog post about how you can increase communication between yourself and your families. 

2.) Use Digital Tools that Serve You

Warning Sign: If you don’t have digital tools for center management, or the tools you have aren’t making your work day easier or more efficient, then it’s time to find new tools.

Make the Change: You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the right digital tools. Upgrade to a cloud-based software program specifically designed for child care centers.  Maybe you need seamless sharing between employees and families.  Maybe you wish to track attendance without paper.  To ease your day, minimize your to-do list by using tools that automate less complex tasks. Also, make sure your information is secure! Experts say 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. Check out these other cybersecurity tips from the U.S. Small Business Administration to keep your business safe!

3.) Reduce Staffing Gaps

Warning Sign:  If your staff schedule is unbalanced, your expenses will be too high.

Make the Change: Identify staffing gaps and opportunities by using a scheduling tool that juggles your employees for you. This won’t only manage student-teacher ratios, but also increase profitability by ensuring you’re not overstaffing. A past webinar offers a free scheduling tool to attendees that will be sure to put your mind at ease.

4.) Find Management Software that Meets Your Needs

Warning Sign: You’re using multiple management tools for administrative duties.

Make the Change: Like any small business owner, administrative tasks such as managing payroll, billing, and budget are stock-piled on your desk. If your processes aren’t streamlined and simplified, you’ve outgrown your current management software. Relying on multiple software solutions on a daily basis, not yet using a childcare-specific tool, or using a platform that will not grow with your business are all major signs that you have outgrown your current childcare management solution. Take the step now to research a solution that can be the right fit!

A software management solution that’s designed for the specific needs of a childcare business, can be your most effective time management strategy yet. Download our “Cutting Through the Clutter” infographic to learn how smart management software can save a childcare center director’s time, energy, and money, freeing you to provide the best possible care to the children at your center.

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Parents will love being able to know, in real time, what their child is doing at the center. This allows you to rest easy knowing the parent and child are both happy.


Cutting Through the Clutter

Learn how smart management software saves childcare center director’s time, energy and money, all while providing the best care to children.