Holidays fill kids with excitement and giddiness. Getting into the holiday spirit in the classroom creates cherished memories for your teachers, children, and even parents. The variety of holidays your students and their families celebrate can make the experience even more special. Here are four ways to bring the holiday spirit to your childcare center.

1.) Give students a taste of different holiday traditions.
People around the world celebrate holidays with unique music, decorations, food, or other traditions, and having your teachers introduce different holiday customs is an exciting way to open students’ minds about the world and the meaning of holidays. Having an afternoon of games typically played over various holidays is a fun way for kids to branch out and learn something new. And with iTunes or Spotify, it’s easy to build a playlist of different holiday tunes for background music!

2. ) Read stories honoring holidays aloud to the class.
Another engaging way students can learn and celebrate the holidays is through storytelling. Children’s books that introduce holidays different from their own will keep students attentive and inspire discussion afterward. Try stories that encourage students to get up and move, or try an afternoon of bilingual stories. The new characters and experiences will make story time extra special.

These 3 items should be on every early education director's with list this year.

3.) Help students discover the big picture. 
Universal concepts, like quality time with family and friends, bring the true spirit of the holidays home for students. Sampling different music and games celebrates the many ways people around the world bond with each other, and asking kids to share their families’ holiday traditions will not only connect them to the wider world, but make it clear that the holidays are about people, not presents.

4.) Share the fun with parents! 
Sending updates on the holiday fun is a sure-fire way for your educators to build parent relationships. Parents love seeing their children getting into the holiday spirit, and software like Smartcare allows educators to seamlessly update parents in a way that feels like familiar social media platforms. This way, parents can make space on the fridge to post their children’s winter crafts!

With the excitement of the holidays, children will be full of energy. These ideas will help direct that eagerness in an educational and enjoyable direction—and help you build a stronger rapport with their parents.

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