Fathers these days are much more involved in the day-to-day activities of raising their children. In fact, dads in 2016 devoted an average of eight hours a week to childcare—about three times as much as in 1965! Because dads are playing a more active role with their children, it makes sense to ensure that your marketing strategies will reach this engaged demographic. Here are three ways to market your childcare center to dads: 

1. Make it clear that you want to partner with all parents, not just moms.
We’ve shared three ways to partner with the parents at your childcare center. You build relationships and trust with parents by being transparent about what their children are doing at the center on a daily basis, inviting parents to open houses and events, and sharing information about your center’s pedagogy and child development. Communicate with prospective families that you will be doing these things, and that all parents, dads included, can be part of the discussion and fun in your center’s community.

2. Promote ways for dads to connect at your center.
Research indicates that dads are less confident than moms about their parenting abilities: only 39% of dads said they were doing a “very good job” raising their children, compared with 59% of mothers. You can market your center as a place of expert knowledge and community by hosting events such as coffee chats where dads can get together, share ideas, and discuss a highlighted topic. Events just for dads don’t have to just be on Father’s Day! Your center can also host virtual events on social media to allow even more dads to participate.

3. Include many ways to be involved at your center.
Many parents today feel the time crunch, and with so many obligations—family, work, community—attending center events will sometimes conflict with other responsibilities. Many dads report feeling that they spend too little time with their children, and 62% say their job is what gets in the way. Make sure your center offers many different ways and times for parents to be involved, and communicates these to prospective families, too. Dads (and all parents) might contribute to a special project during the day, attend an event in the evening, volunteer remotely via computer to help behind the scenes, or put together a day for center families to get together on the weekend—ask families for ideas and you may be surprised.

Because we’re talking about marketing, don’t forget, of course, to showcase on social media the awesome ways your center reaches out to dads!

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