Growing relationships with parents and families will ultimately boost your childcare center’s enrollment. This Valentine’s Day, summon Cupid using these three tactics to build your name brand, increase communication, and share your knowledge.

1.) Show up in the community.
Showing up at community events will quickly strengthen your childcare center’s brand name and grow engagement for both current and new families. Having a childcare representative out in the community builds trust. Develop your good reputation by volunteering your childcare services at a local community festival. Participating in the community outside of the center allows you to communicate with prospective families face-to-face. Remember to wear clothing with your center name and to have information to hand out, just in case! A previous Smartcare blog post shares more about how you can get into the community to build parent relationships.

2.) Build a healthy dialogue.
Developing strong relationships with families starts with opening the lines of communication. Whether you’re sending out weekly newsletters detailing what students of different age groups are learning, or updating bulletin boards with topics and pictures, you’ll build their trust and confidence in you as a care giver. Parent conferences are also a powerful way you can stay connected with parents. Fast-track your relationship building with in-person meetings! In between conferences, take advantage of the technology available today. Let go of paper and send parents quick updates using tools like Smartcare’s cloud-based parent chat, student progress reporting features, and real-time updates. Parents love timely updates on napping, eating, toileting, fun activities and milestone events. You can easily share the day with parents by sending messages, photos, and videos via the Smartcare parent app. Learn more about parent expectations about communication in this webinar about millennial parents.

3.) Spread your expertise.
Share your knowledge with parents to confirm their belief that you are an expert in early learning. Send them information about what is developmentally appropriate at each stage of the early learning journey. Help parents by becoming a provider of resources. Making the effort will improve your connections with parents. Many nonprofit early learning organizations, such as Healthy Children or For Families, offer quality materials that families will appreciate.

Increasing communication and visibility with parents is the most effective way to build trust. A strong foundation will make your job much easier! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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