3 Ways Educational Technology Positively Impacts Early Learning

Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010, and by 2012 1.5 million of them were in U.S. schools. The rapid pace of technological change in education has not slowed since. As technology continues to shape the way students learn in schools, its...

Did you get everything on your wish list this Holiday Season?

Here are 3 Items that we think should be on the Wish Lists of All Early Education Directors!

A New Year and a New Look for Smartcare!

With the holidays and the new year upon us, we are looking back on everything that the many childcare centers and schools who use our software love about it, but also looking forward to everything that we have underway to make the early...

How to Solve the Most Common Childcare Center Problems

When your childcare center isn’t performing to the high standards that you set out for it, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause. There are so many factors that can impact the quality of (and enrollment numbers at) a childcare center! In...

5 Keys to Maximizing the Value of Your Childcare Center

In the childcare industry, improving the quality of your center is always your first priority, but it’s important to remember that you’re also responsible for a small business. Maximizing the value of your childcare center doesn’t have to feel...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends!

We will be returning next week to our regular blog posting, but this week we wanted to take a moment and reflect on what we’re thankful for. Here at smartcare, we are grateful for:

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How to Increase Enrollment

Parents will love being able to know, in real time, what their child is doing at the center. This allows you to rest easy knowing the parent and child are both happy.


Cutting Through the Clutter

Learn how smart management software saves childcare center director’s time, energy and money, all while providing the best care to children.