Most parents with kids in childcare don’t get summer break and, as you know, neither do childcare directors! Though your workload won’t slow down simply because summer is the season of living easy, now is a great time to look for new efficiencies to work smarter. 

Here are four things to let go of this summer to help you slow down and enjoy the sunshine:

1. Too Much Control, Not Enough Delegation

Delegation is a skill any childcare director needs to master. If you’ve hired staff you trust (check out our blog post for some suggestions on how to hire the best), you’ll benefit by allowing them to help you run your business. When you surround yourself with great people, you don’t need to be involved in every aspect of your center. It can be hard giving up control! This summer, make it your goal to delegate tasks to staff you trust.

2. Too Much Time on Administrative Tasks

Many childcare center directors report feeling that too much of their time is spent on administrative tasks, from payroll to billing to maintaining records. Look for a software solution that will take care of these routine tasks without the need for center staff to take time away from children to get it done. Let go of spending too much time on tedious administrative work!

Check out Smartcare’s Cutting Through the Clutter infographic to learn more about how a smarter software management solution can save center directors time, energy, and money, all while providing outstanding care to children.

3. Relying on Pencil and Paper, Spreadsheets, or More than One Software Solution

Do you rely on pencil and paper, or multiple confusing spreadsheets, to keep track of day-to-day center operations? It’s time to let that go, too! As we explained in a previous post, these are signs that your center has outgrown its current childcare management system. Move on to a better, more efficient way of keeping track of things with an all-encompassing solution to keep everything pertaining to your childcare business in one place. Remember, our goal here is to work smarter, not harder!

4. Using Time-Consuming Parent Communication Methods

Do you find yourself calling parents all day, getting stuck at drop-off or pick-up times giving a mini-update verbally, or writing notes home to each family at the end of the day? Let go! Find out how the parents of children in your center like to receive communication. Consider sending a survey home asking what works best for them. Communication options include emails, newsletters, text messages, in-person meetings, or phone calls. Some childcare management systems provide features that make parent communication easy, consistent, and engaging. Make sure your childcare system includes the features you need to help make communication work for you.

With a little effort to slow down this summer, you’ll be on your way to working smarter with an improved, streamlined approach to your childcare business!

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